To the Mother of Girls

I am a mother of boys, my sons are my joy.
I prayed for daughters, but God gave me sons.
Being a mother is hard, that I know. 
Just like today, my cries melted snow.
In the quiet of my car, my tears silently flowed.
An endless stream, as I stared at other kids.
You see my dear, I forgot picture day!
A sticker came home, last night I know.
It reminded me, that picture day is now.
I am hard on myself, just ask my boys.
Yesterday one bungled, and his behind was roast.
Today I arose, before the sun showed up.
A migraine greeted, but math drills were done.
You see my dear, that was not enough.
Homework was checked, work owned last night.
I made breakfast, a table was set.
For my boys to eat, and start the school day right.
Chess club is today, I remembered that.
I made a favorite sandwich, for one of my boys.
The lunch box was packed, chocolate milk; check.
But far from my memory, was the little sticker’s words.
Today is picture day, and my son is an oddball.
In a sea of pretty dressed kids, his khakis stood out.
I am hard on myself, but I deserve to cry.
I can see his sad face, as he sees his friends.
Dressed in their Sunday Best, while he is left out.
I pray to God to hug my son, angel wings and all.
Mommy is sorry, that she is not enough.
I am not enough, I will never be.
This job was made, for a mom and a dad.
I work harder, and miss out on more.
I stay thankful to God, for my mom cried more.
To the mothers of girls, do raise them to be more.
More intelligent, more self-loving, more savvy.
So that their tomorrow, will be better than my today.

Copyright Judith Adaobiihuoma Udeke 2016

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