Chilling in my cute Ada Johnson Kimono sipping Pineapple Cocktails at the Marriott Marquis Houston


Yesterday, I was called an irresponsible parent who often abandoned their children in someone else’s home by a human being who called my phone several times over the years to ask if my children could come to their house and play with their kids.   It is a fact that this human being has on several occasions driven to my home to pick up my kids to go play with their kids and just because I thought we were friends and left my kids in their care, I am irresponsible.

This morning, I woke up screaming because of a snake I saw in my dream.  Now I don’t usually believe in witches and demons, but I am convinced that this has got to be what people mean when they talk about demonic attacks.  Truly demons and witches live in our midst and some of them are people we have called friends for 14 years.

Everyone who knows me know that I am a single mom and I have been a single mom for over 16 years now.  I thank God every day for successfully raising two boys on my own.  My kings are now 16 and 11 years old.  Sometimes I thank God multiple times a day and sometimes I miss my thanks to God on my really dark days.  However, it is not only God himself that has helped me succeed, God have used my parents, my siblings, and several friends, mentors, and even strangers to make this success possible.  In doing some soul searching, I may not have thanked everyone that has helped my single mom story be a success as much as they expected, and I am using this opportunity to say a big thank you to you all.  God bless you for all you have done to my make my single mom life bearable.

My kings and I are thankful to God, our family and true friends.


Let’s face it, I am not a very good ass kisser.  I am a well-mannered Queen and use my ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ as appropriate.  However, I may forget to say ‘thank you’ when you bring rotting snacks you don’t want you and your children to eat to my house.  You see, I was too busy having a conversation with myself and being mad at myself for being too nice to tell you point blank to take your rotten snacks back.  I hate wasting food and quite honestly should hate people like you who make me partake in their food wasting.  For years, I have been too nice to hate because I convinced myself that hate is not Christ like but now, I am having a re-think.

Like do Jesus love, dislike, or hate the devil?  I just googled “Does God Love Satan” and read two articles, one from that uses scriptural readings to conclude that God opposes satan and does not love him and the other from Biola university blog  written by a Dr. William Lane Craig that concludes that God Loves satan.  From today onwards I am switching from Dr Craig’s view to the view shared by I will no longer be loving satan and all of his agents in my life.  In 2019, I dedicated my entire life to God and I will be having zero love and canceling out anyone that God exposes as a frenemy, fake friend, or a blatant agent of the satan from my life.

In conclusion, I want to mention that over the years, I have had people’s kids in my homes for play dates, sleep overs and even whole holidays.  I have never considered a parent irresponsible because I fed their kids, bathed them or even bandaged their wounds.  I have gone to a friend’s home to ask her to give me her three kids for the weekend and get some rest because I thought she needed it and it made me feel good.  Just this weekend, I has six boys in a luxury suite at the Marriott Marquis Houston and put my elite status on the line as I worked my butt off to keep six boys in line and in check at a busy luxury hotel amidst the stares of tons of people including those that asked me if all of them were mine.

Celebrating 16 years of responsible parenting by being a mom to six boys last weekend.


This is who I am and although, my kings and I will be taking a break from play-dates and sleep overs to heal from this assault, this is who I am most likely going to continue to be.  I AM NOT AN IRRESPONSIBLE PARENT.  I WILL NEVER BE AN IRRESPONSIBLE PARENT.  I know that parenting is hard especially for mothers and I would never call a mother who burst their ass to do their best for their kids irresponsible because I know that sh*t hurts.  Today I call on my father in heaven, my God, my maker, the ONE who I am raising these kings for and the one who promised to fight my battles to come down and wipe these tears from my eyes.  God if you don’t bless me for all the love I have given this human being and their family all these years, surely you will bless me for not calling them, their mother, their dead father, and all their lineage irresponsible because you God know that you blessed me with a mouth, and I can rain curses upon a head better than most.

Things you can learn from my story

  1. People can hate your guts and pretend to be your friend for years in my case it was 14 years.
  2. When you have friends that say the same mean stuff about other friends, chances are they will say the same mean stuff about you one day.
  3. Be careful with friends that have more financial means than you and have no qualms getting you to cover their costs for an outing especially an outing they suggested.
  4. Do not accept unsolicited gifts from friends especially the gifts you don’t like. An e.g. is stale peanuts or any stale foods you have to throw out, or a favorite desert of theirs, they know you don’t like.
  5. Lastly be prayerful and vigilant and constantly commit yourself and your family into God’s hands so that the evil people harbor in their hearts against you will never harm you and your family.

Stay Blessed!

Cheers! -JAU